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How To Identify The Best Web Development Company?

So you are in confusion, which company or developer should I trust who provide me the best solution and services? Many people have the same question when they are going online first time or when they want to hire someone new who can solve their problem and deliver the website and app as they have expected on time.

Some more questions you’ve to consider about.

1. How long does the solution work? If you’ve hired a person or web development company, they provide you the solution(website and app) and gives support about 3–6 months. What will happen after that if you face any issue or your website and app crashed? Do you pay again for the same or repeat the hiring process again because nobody will give you the assurance that this will never happen again.

2. How should I check whether the website or app that the developer/agency will develop, really gives a better user experience to my customers?

3. The most important one is how much the solution(websites and apps) will be secured so that my customers’ data will remain safe?

So, here are the answers to all your questions.

Always trust what you see and choose only when you’re fully satisfied. Most of the times the app and websites crashed later on because they were developed using outdated or old technologies. So always ask for the technology stack that company or developer is going to use to develop your website and app, note it down and google the pros and cons of those technology stacks.

Ask the developers/company, how the website and app give a better user experience to the customers? Note their answers and compare them with yours. Your answers for the same are:

1. Users always like the site that load quickly no matter how fast and slow internet speed he is using. So your website must load quickly even on slow internet speed.

2. Your website must be lightweight i.e. minimum size (max 2–3MB). Lesser the size of the site faster will be its loading time. Your site does not eat up the user data.

3. Your website and app must be responsive i.e. it must open perfectly on all devices like mobile phones, iPads, laptops, desktops.

4. You can check the speed and size of the website on GTmetrix

Your site must be secured so that it would not be easily hacked and your customers’ data will remain secure. Ask the developer/web development testing company, what are the security measures they will adopt to develop your website and app.

Ask the developer/website development company, to provide their portfolio. Check their sites on all these parameters. You’ll get an idea about the talent of any web development testing company/developer.

Always ask the same from all the developers/web development companies to whom you’ve shortlisted. Note down their answers and hire the one with whom you’re most satisfied.

You can hire Bitpulse Technologies for the website development, hybrid app development & testing. Ask the same questions for your satisfaction. Bitpulse Technologies will provide you the best web/app development and testing services.